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Hi everyone! We are super excited to announce a new line of wooden items that is the culminations of several months in design. These wooden products are the first of many new planned additions to our inventory. Crafted from beautiful wood types and laser engraved they are functional and beautiful.  Rose Wood Dice Boxes The big hitter is our new Wooden Dice Cases. The round Rose Wood Dice chest is perfect for storing and protecting for favorite dice set. Each case is made from beautiful Rose Wood. The box can hold a full 7 piece RPG dice set for your tabletop role-playing needs, and...

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Hi Everyone!

Here with a quick update about all the amazing things happening at Dice Dungeons in the past few weeks. We've added new leather storage product, new metal dice, and are on our way for finalize shipping of our Kickstarter next month.

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Dice Dungeons is very excited to launch a new branch of our product line up this week with Inspiration Coins.  Drawing inspiration from our home Dungeons and Dragons sessions we embarked on a project earlier this year to create a new line of accessory coins for table top gaming. The first in this lineup launches today with our new Inspiration Coins. A unique way to track your inspiration for Dungeons and Dragons or other tabletop games. These metal coins are made from the same nickel–zinc alloy as our standard metal dice. Perfect for Game Masters looking for something decorative and...

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The final 3 maps in wave 1 have been released! We are very excited to announce the release the final three maps of Wave One. Since the launch of our cloth RPG Battlemaps in November we have been hard at work creating the final 3 maps of our wave 1 lineup. Just like the rest of Wave One, our final 3 maps focus on classic high-fantasy adventure location that are most common in traditional D&D settings. Now with Maps 4, 5 and 6 you'll have three more encounter locations to do battle; each with beautiful art drafted on 21" x 21" cloth maps. Map 4,...

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This week we are very excited to announce the newest addition to our dice lineup: our new 6-D10 metal dice sets! As our 6-D6 sets were so popular, we decided to expand our offerings to cover additional systems. These are an excellent addition to your arsenal if you are playing d10 systems like the World of Darkness, Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, and Abberrant, or if you are just looking to add to your existing RPG sets. To kick things off we picked some of our most popular colors - the frost and ember dice sets. Take a look and let...

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