Condition Rings - Now Available at Dice Dungeons

Condition Rings - Now Available at Dice Dungeons

We wanted to share a quick update that our popular kickstarter for Condition Coins is now complete and we have made every unlocked set of Condition Rings available here in our online store. 

Thanks to 2,114 wonderful backers not only did we unlock our Condition Rings in both silver and black metal varieties. We also unlocked a full secondary set of Spell Rings

These rings make tracking conditions and effects in your RPG games simple and elegant. Place the miniatures inside the precisely machined inset (made to fit standard 1" circular miniature bases), or hang the rings on your larger miniatures to mark them. The 14 ring set makes tracking status effects during combat simple and elegant, and eliminates having to use plastic bands or bottle cap rings.

Check them out here, and for a limited time we've also added a small and large cary case that creates holds your rings beautifully. 

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