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Hi Everyone!  We are extremely excited to announce a new project we just began previewing on Kickstarter! Mutated Monsters is a book of legendary monsters for Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition, and brand new companion deck of mutation cards. The book and card sets give you an amazing resource to upgrade and enhance monsters in your dnd game. This project marks our first published book, and builds the wonderful success of our Quest Decks project. We'll have more updates over the next few weeks where we will share some of the amazing creations we've been working on for this project. Look out for previews of our add-ons,...

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We wanted to share a quick update that our popular kickstarter for Condition Coins is now complete and we have made every unlocked set of Condition Rings available here in our online store.  Thanks to 2,114 wonderful backers not only did we unlock our Condition Rings in both silver and black metal varieties. We also unlocked a full secondary set of Spell Rings!  These rings make tracking conditions and effects in your RPG games simple and elegant. Place the miniatures inside the precisely machined inset (made to fit standard 1" circular miniature bases), or hang the rings on your larger miniatures to mark them. The...

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Hi everyone! Just a quick update to let you all know we are excited to announce our newest project: Groovy Stone dice. Dice made from crushed and colored turquoise, and mixed by a special process to make the unique patterns. We wanted to make some fancy dice with lots of color and pizzazz, so we looked to the vibrant, iconic colors of the '60s and '70s. We are very pleased with how these turned out, and can't wait to get them to your table! Because they are turquoise mixed with resin these dice are much sturdier than many gemstone dice,...

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If you're looking for the ultimate in luxury dice, or something truly unique and beautiful, you can't go wrong with dice carefully carved from natural semi-precious gemstones. When playing Dungeons and Dragons or another tabletop RPG, there are few feelings more special than rolling literal jewels at the table.

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For many years it was difficult, if not impossible, to find polyhedral dice sets made from anything but plastic. When I was shopping for my first set of dice, the choices were clear, solid, and sparkly. I went with sparkly.

In recent years, though, dice made from many different materials have become available. Chief among these are metals, be they precious metals, exotics such as tungsten, or more common alloys. As metal dice become increasingly popular, more and more players ask: are metal or plastic dice better for tabletop gaming?

The answer, of course, is “well, it depends.” Here are the main questions to address when choosing dice materials.

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