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Dice Dungeons

Happenstance: A Micro-RPG

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The town of Happenstance lies within walking distance to innumerable sites of adventure. Abandoned castles, treacherous caves, and magical crypts encircle this adventure town. You are one of many adventurers here in Happenstance to seek glory and whatever riches come with it. Find fellow adventurers and pool your resources to survive the dangers of the deadly dungeons. You may be new at this but if you can survive, people will remember your name.

Happenstance is a micro Role Playing Game (RPG) which condenses all of the wonderful things about adventuring into a stack of cards and only requires a single d6. Players take on the role either the adventures delving into the dungeon or the guide who controls the monsters and traps which lay hidden in the shadows. Designed for simplicity, this RPG game can be played in a short period of time with zero preparation. Whether camping, out with friends, or just passing the time, with Happenstance portable adventure is at your fingertips.

  • Great for camping, bar games, and no-prep settings - this game is easy to pickup and play. 
  • All you need is a d6 and the game pack to start playing. 
  • Games last around 30 mins. 




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