Welcome! We are John and Jarrett, lifelong gamers and the team behind Dice Dungeons here in Baltimore, Maryland.

The seeds of Dice Dungeons came in the form of metal dice sets we were given by our game master in 2016. Rolling those dice, we realized our mutual passion for high quality, uniquely beautiful gaming gear. It wasn't long before we decided to pursue that passion.

Since then, our mission has been to make tabletop gaming better for our customers by creating the gaming accessories that we want to see at our own table. For us, this means a great selection of dice for everyone from first-timers to seasoned collectors. It means gear to make it easy for any GM to add variety to their games, such as our exclusive Battle Maps and Quest Decks. Most of all, it means constantly playtesting and listening to the community to figure out how we can improve and expand our offerings to make your gaming experience better.
Characters of the Dice Dungeons Staff