Welcome! We are John and Jarrett the team behind DiceDungeons.com. Based out of  Baltimore, Maryland we first met when we joined a local gaming group in 2015.

Characters of the Dice Dungeons StaffIn 2016 we were both gifted a set of metal dice from our game master. The heavy weight, even roll, and amazing artistry of these dice sets made us both excited to put them into the hands of as many tabletop gamers as we could. So we began to research. Several months later we found a production partner and began work on our online store. 

Our mission is to encourage gaming by helping new players get started playing, and seasoned players refine their style. As we grow we will be rolling out new items, including exclusive battle maps, custom gaming boxes and various other tabletop accessories. We hope you'll follow us and watch us grow. We'll be here for any feedback you have!