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Dice Dungeons

Mutated Monsters

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Mutated Monsters: Evolve your 5th edition campaign. Looking to bring some new life to your 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign? Look no further than Mutated Monsters, a hardcover book filled with over 120 brand new creatures and unique mutant versions of existing monsters. These beasts are designed to be dropped into any 5e world or setting, and are guaranteed to bring new excitement to your game.

The creature descriptions contain:

  • Unique Combat Tactics. In every monster description you’ll find descriptive and detailed tactics for how the monster interacts with the world and uses its abilities to defend itself.
  • Monster-specific Magic Items or Loot. Many creatures feature loot that is thematically tied to the defeated enemy. Giving your players a reminder of their accomplishments and extra incentive to keep adventuring.
  • Narrative Description. Flavor text to help GMs to easily describe the creature to their players, setting the scene for tense, engaging encounters.

And More! The 182 page book also contains new subclasses for the Barbarian, Bard, Monk and Ranger detailed monster lairs, with interesting environmental effects and areas for monsters to inhabit, a unique pantheon of gods dedicated to mutation and evolution, new NPCs to populate your world, including the mad alchemist, creator of the amalgam chimera, and 100 adventure hooks to send your party on adventures seeking out fascinating mutated monsters.

What's Inside:

  • 120+ New Monsters
  • 100+ Magic Items and Loot
  • 4 Mutation-Inspired Subclasses
  • New Gods of Evolution
  • Unique Quest Prompts
  • Mount Taming Rules
  • New NPCs


Hardcover Book


28.36 x 22 x 1.5 CM


182 Page Hardcover book; with 120+ New Monsters. 100+ Loot ideas. 10+ Lairs and More!

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