New Wooden Products!

Hi everyone!

We are super excited to announce a new line of wooden items that is the culminations of several months in design. These wooden products are the first of many new planned additions to our inventory. Crafted from beautiful wood types and laser engraved they are functional and beautiful. 

Rose Wood Dice Boxes

The big hitter is our new Wooden Dice Cases. The round Rose Wood Dice chest is perfect for storing and protecting for favorite dice set. Each case is made from beautiful Rose Wood. The box can hold a full 7 piece RPG dice set for your tabletop role-playing needs, and is sturdy enough to survive everyday travel. The box lids are laser engraved with the compass rose version of our Dice Dungeons logo.

The lid is secured by 3 strong magnets that hold it in place, while the carved inset helps prevent it from slipping off during travel.


Wooden Jumbo Dice

We also released three new Jumbo Dice in wood. The beautiful collectable wooden dice make a great addition to any collection.  Our opening collection includes 3 designs: Dark Rainbow Technical Wood, Rose Wood, and Purple Heart. 

These wooden items make wonderful gifts and collector items. We are sure you'll enjoy them in your games just as much as we do.

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