New Purple Labyrinth Dice

New Purple Labyrinth Dice

We are happy to announce that we are adding a new color to our line of cage dice sets.  Alongside gold, silver, blue, red, and black, Dice Dungeons fans can now get Purple Labyrinth Dice.

Purple Dice Set

Labyrinth dice are a plated brass line of hollow dice.  The intricate outer pattern evokes the sharp twists and turns of a maze surrounding the numbers on each face, but that is not our favorite part.  Our favorite part is the sound.  The hollow center and delicate metal work make for a dice set that chimes and tinkles in your hand.  Heads will turn at your table as you prepare to roll 2D10 for that wild magic effect.* 

These dice are perfect for a campaign in Greek-inspired Theros or the deadly corridors of the Tomb of Annihilation.  Or for the Wizard that just loves the spell Maze. 

*Please note that Dice Dungeons does not guarantee the safety of your adventuring party while using our dice.    

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