May Update: Loads of New Products

May Update: Loads of New Products

Hi Everyone! 

Here with a quick update about all the amazing things happening at Dice Dungeons in the past few weeks. 

Character Coins Kickstarter

Thanks to our amazing backers at Kickstarter our Character Coin project was an immense success. We blew through out funding goal in the first 48 hours and in the end - 1,308 backers helped us reach 741% in funding. This support opened up 12 unique stretch goals. 

If you missed out on the campaign you can still preorder the unlocked items until the end of May. After that we'll be rolling out the coins in the store.

Tri-Color Metal Dice Sets

The results of our latest dice experiments are one of my favorite new sets. The tri-color dice sets use the UV treated enamel in our imperial style dice to create a unique color blend. Our first roll out is the Nova in reds and the Twilight in blues. If these prove to be as popular as we expect we'll make it a permanent addition to our lineup.

New Tri-Color Dice Sets


New Leather Accessories

Another new batch of items hitting the store this month is our new leather accessories. In the store you can now find the Leather Rolling Tray and Deluxe Dice Bag.

The leather dice tray combines leather, rivets, and snaps to make a fully collapsible 8-sided dice tray that snaps into place and folds flat for handy storage and transportation. It's a great way to keep your dice secure while rolling or protect fragile surfaces from metal dice. Even our Jumbo Dice are safe to roll in these artisan trays. All trays come in black leather with an inset white Dice Dungeons logo.

We also added a Deluxe Leather Dice bag that can easily hold up to 20 sets of dice or dozens of our token coins. The genuine leather bags have a strong drawstring design and each is riveted with a thick leather shield featuring the Dice Dungeons logo. 

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