Top Dice Sets for Clerics

Top Dice Sets for Clerics

With so many finishes, colors, and styles we thought we'd take a moment to suggest our top picks for dice to roll for your D&D characters. So far we've explored dice for the Barbarian and Bard classes, this week we'll keep it up with dice for the Cleric.

The Cleric

Steeped in divine magic, these healers and warriors are conduits of the gods who manifest miraculous spells and abilities. Selected by the gods to fulfill their will, the path of a cleric can take many forms: healer, offensive spell caster, and warrior priest count themselves among this devout class.

There are a lot of divine domains dividing the pantheon of clerics and that gave us plenty of options for selecting some exciting dice sets.


Forge Domain

Clerics belonging to gods of the forge are artisans and blacksmith. For their dice we wanted some raw and metallic; and that left us with our primordial collection and the primordial silver seemed like a great choice.

Grave Domain

Clerics of this domain are tasked with keeping the line between life and death solid. The swirls of our black and white dice was a great option for the dual nature of this character, and gold numbering adds that touch of divine magic for the discerning holy warrior.

Black and White Marble Dice


Knowledge Domain

Placing  learning and understanding above everything else, the clerics of the Knowledge Domain study esoteric lore, collect old tomes, delve into the secret places of the earth all in the service of knowledge. To give them a hidden secret even among their dice I choose our Glow in the Dark Imperial Green Set for this cleric.

Life Domain

The Life domain focuses on the vibrant positive energy that sustains all life. Promoting vitality and health, while driving away death, these clerics needed a dice set as robust as themselves. Our Imperial White set with it's white enamel inset and strong lines was an ideal choice. 

Dice Dungeons Metal White Dice

Nature Domain

Serving the gods of all things natural, these are the clerics of groves, springs, swamps and woodlands. Varied as the natural world itself there are a lot of options for this sub-class. Keeping it simple we wanted green to be the major color choice of this class - and the Radiant Green set was a natural (pun!) choice.

Bright Green Metal Dice

Tempest Domain

Champions of the storm gods and those of the sea and sky we knew we wanted this dice set to be one of our many blue options. I choose the swirl blue and light blue for these champions - the gold numbering also reminds me of the thunderbolts these characters can deliver for swift justice.

Blue and Light Blue Dice

Trickery Domain

Mischief-makers among the pantheon - gods of trickery can be a wildly fun addition to a campaign. These disruptive clerics who may also be thieves, scoundrels, gamblers, or rebels. With illusionist abilities and a penchant for pranks we wanted a set for these champions that was exciting and unique - for that reason we went with out swirl pink and white set. The green numbering make and pink burst of color really make these tricksters stand out.

War Domain

Clerics that excel in battle - these devotes of the war gods shout praise to the gods with every foe’s fall. A classic from our collection the Ember was a great dice set to represent the raw power that is bestowed by both gods of honor and chivalry, as well as those of destruction.

Those are our dice choices for the cleric class! What do you think, what is your favorite set to use for your cleric builds?

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