Top Dice Sets for Bards

Top Dice Sets for Bards

With so many finishes, colors, and styles we thought we'd take a moment to suggest our top picks for dice to roll for your D&D characters. Last week we took a look at the Barbarian in our first breakdown, this week we'll keep it going with the Bard.

The Bard

These inspiring and charismatic characters use story and song to channel their substantial magical abilities. A highly versatile class, each bard is unique, bringing a specialized musical instruments, educations and backgrounds to the table. As such, it was not easy to decide on dice sets that complement these talented entertainers. But by breaking down the class by bard colleges, we think we have identified some great dice sets for your bard to roll.


College of Lore

Fueled by scholarly knowledge, composing epic ballads, and collecting stories of the world,  this sub-class is what I think of as the classic bard. For these characters, I wanted something charismatic and bold, but also dignified and scholarly. With a combination of royal blue enamel and gold, our Imperial Blue Gold Dice Set is an ideal choice. These dice are both dignified with a little bit of flare and glamour: roll your vicious mockery with these dice and curse your foes as the dice dance and flash across the table. 

Imperial Blue Gold Dice Set

College of Valor

The college of valor bard spins tales of ancient heroes to inspire those around them to action. Whether telling stories by the campfire, and or composing their next balled in a tavern, they keep the memory of adventurer alive with their heroic tales. For this sub-class we wanted something that reflects their passion for heroism. We didn't necessarily want the ancient feel of our Primordial Collection - since these bards are keep the memories of great heroes alive through their songs. Instead, the classic gold set was what called to us: aa se that reflects the true and pure spirits of the heroes of legend.


Bright Gold Dice Set

College of Glamour

Harnessing the magic of the Feywild to delight and captivate both their audiences and foes, the College of Glamour is an interesting sub-class to choose a dice set for. We recently updated our Alchemist Oil set to include white numbering and I think this is the perfect set for a bard that is regarded with a equal amount of awe and fear. The rainbow coloring of these dice also has an abundance of greens and purples,  which evokes the Fey glamour of this sub-class

Solid metal rainbow set has an amazing and unique rainbow color effect

College of Swords 

Often referred to as "blades," the Bards of the College of Swords entertain with their daring feats of weapon prowess. Stunts like sword swallowing, knife juggling, and mock combats set them apart from the other colleges as daredevils and thrillseekers. With a focus on weapons I wanted a dice set that reflected this, so we decided for this bard we'd use the bright Silver Dice Set. Still keeping the shining feel of an entertainer but, with the raw dangerous sheen of metal.

Silver Dice

College of Whispers

Wolves among sheep, these bards use their audiences and magic to uncover secrets that they can turn against others through extortion and threats. Happy to acquire wealth and power these bards fall more on the villainous side of the spectrum. In selecting dice for this sub-class, I wanted to balance the Bard of Whispers' scoundrel nature with their entertainer's facade.  With that in mind we picked the Imperial Red and Black Dice Set.

Imperial Red Dice Set for Bards

That's our picks, I'm actually surprised we didn't use anything from our radiant collection - as those would be my traditional go-to for entertainers, but once we started breaking down the colleges several others just felt more like better fit. Do you have a suggestion of a dice set you love for your bard? Let us know in the comments below.

Playing a Bard Soon?

Inspiration Coin Front While we are focusing on dice for this blog, I did want to mention that Dice Dungeons has recently released several Inspiration Coins that are perfect for tracking your bardic inspiration. Take a look in our Coins and Tokens category.


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