Top Dice Sets for Barbarians

Top Dice Sets for Barbarians

With so many finishes, colors, and styles we thought we'd take a moment to suggest our top picks for dice to roll for your D&D characters. Choosing from both metal and plastic sets, Dice Dungeons offers a variety of possibilities for your hero.

The Barbarian

These unbridled tribesman and rage-powered warriors are ready to dish out an unrelenting assault on whoever crosses their path. But what dice are the best ones for your barbarian character? We sat down with each of the barbarian subclasses to find our top picks for barbarian dice sets.


Path of the Ancestral Guardian

With mighty ancestral spirits and tribal tattoos there is a lot to take in with the Ancestral Guardian Barbarian. For these we went with the Glow in the Dark Red Set - it's glowing color representing the aid of the the guardian spirits and the black outline and numbering resembling the elaborate tattoos.

Glow in the Dark Red Dice

Path of the Berserker

Frenzy and Rage are the core attributes of this subclass. And for us that meant a red and sharply structured set. There was no better than our Black and Red Imperial Metal Set

Path of the Storm Herald

With the powers or a raging storm it was easy to pick a blue set for this subclass. But with so many blue in our collection it was a hard pick. In the end the swirling storm reminded us of our Polymer Blue Sunset set

Path of the Totem Warrior

Seeking attunement with the natural world, the Totem Warrior Barbarian adopts a totem spirit of Bear, Eagle, Wolf, Elk, or Tiger. This makes a hard choice because each of these totem animals could have it's own unique styled set. For the overall path we decided to focus on the Barbarian closeness with nature and pick a set that represented that for us. The mossy green of our Ancient Cyan Polymer Set was an ideal choice. 

Path of the Zealot

For these divinely powered zealots we decided to go with something simple and classic. The Primordial Silver Dice Set has the raw color that resembles the weapons these divine barbarians rage into battle with.

That's our picks - do you have a suggestion of a dice set you love for your barbarian? Let us know in the comments below.

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