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Dice Dungeons

Quest Decks 10 Pack (2.0)

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Get all 10 Quest Decks from our 2.0 collection! Add more side quests to your RPG campaigns with Quest Decks. Each deck contains 40 quest prompts in the form of posted notices that adventurers might discover in their travels. 

You'll receive:
  1. Notice Board 2. More classic, system agnostic, quests. In Notice Board 2 you’ll find a little bit of everything.
  2. Horror and Mystery. This deck is geared towards uncovering foul deeds and encountering cursed souls.
  3. Lost and Wanted. In Lost and Wanted we’ve added illustrated NPCs and quests for finding them. These NPCs are lost person notices, or wanted posters for your classic villains: bandits, were-creatures, and more!
  4. Emissaries and Infiltrators. This deck throws your players into political intrigue and high level spycraft. 
  5. Snowbound. Great for arctic regions and wintery campaigns. Push your players to the limit with chilling adventurers. 
  6. Fiendish Missives. Encounters and quest involving demons and devils.
  7. Unearthed Ruins. Discover and uncover ancient artifacts and relics of lost civilizations and ancient monarchs.
  8. Urban Encounters. Explore the mean streets of the city. Help city folk survive the dangers of packed streets of an uncaring metropolis. 
  9. Natural Disasters. A deck of catastrophes cased by the elements. Challenge your players with massive forest fires, droughts, and more. 
  10. Colossal Terrors. A deck of titanic foes. Take on giants, dragons, and other-worldly begins that threaten the very nature of existence. 



8.25" x 4" x 2.75"


1 Deck Box, 10 45-Card Decks

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Care Instructions

Store your decks flat in included tuck box. Avoid humidity, sunlight and and extreme heat.