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Digital Quest Decks: Coastal Threats (PDF)

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Digital Download of our Quest Deck. The Coastal Threats Deck is filled with adventures for coastal regions and seafaring campaigns.

Enhance your TRPG adventures with Quest Decks! This deck contains 45 quest prompts in the form of posted notices that adventurers might find in a seaside city or village. Use it to create coastal-themed side quests by simply drawing cards from the deck.

A fantastic add-on to any setting - these quests are designed to be engaging without defining or altering your world.

Each prompt contains a short back story that can start an adventure: whether exploring the briny depths using experimental magical gear or looking into mysterious disappearances of cargo, there are plenty of prompts to keep your adventurers at sea.

When your party enters a populated area, from a small town to a major city, simply draw a few cards from the deck, and give them to your players: these are the posted notices for that town.

  • Easily generate quest for your game with 45 unique quest starters.
  • PDF Downloads Contains: 45 unique quest starters, 1 instruction card, and blank "DIY" cards.


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