Quest Decks 10 Pack

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Get all 10 Quest Decks along with our deluxe storage case! Add more side quests to your RPG campaigns with Quest Decks. Each deck contains 45 quest prompts in the form of posted notices that adventurers might discover in their travels. 

You'll receive:
  • The Notice Board - Filled with traditional quests a party may find in a fantasy town.
  • For The Crown - Plunges your character into a world of nobles and intrigue. A chance at bigger rewards, but with higher stakes.
  • Into The Stars - This sci-fi themed deck will take your players on interstellar adventures. Designed to work great for space-fairing games such as Stars without Number and Starfinder.
  • Grimm Adventures - Explore spooky crypts and dark secrets in this eerie, ghost-themed deck.
  • Coastal Threats - Great for coastal regions and seafaring campaigns. Explore docks districts and seek buried treasure.
  • Farflung Journeys - Embark on quests that require distant travel that will take you beyond the edge of world.
  • Neon Dystopia - From megacorps to mechanoids, dive into the neon shadows of the future in this cyberpunk inspired deck.
  • Eldritch Omens - Bring a touch of madness to your game and investigate unknowable horrors with this Lovecraftian themed horror deck.
  • Uncharted Expanse - Take your sci-fi adventures to edge as you explore the outer regions.
  • Partners in Crime - This deck will have you using all your wits and cunning to plan heists, shake down shop owners, and fight for territory.
  • Plus our special carry case.