Cloth RPG Battle Map - Cliffside Path

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A notorious ambush point for local bandits, the mountain pass could cut days off the journey of any traveler brave enough venture up this steep trail. But beware, each twist and turn of this pass may hold untold dangers. To survive you must take the high ground and use the terrain to your advantage. 

Appropriate for use with any roleplaying game, this invaluable gaming accessory gives you a easy to roll out mountain passage with plenty of expertly detailed features. Designed to take full advantage of multiple cliff levels and interesting terrain, each map is hand drafted with exclusive art only available with Dice Dungeons Battle Maps. Cloth maps measures just over 21 inches square.  

  • Map Size: 21.6" x 21.6"
  • Type: Cliffside Path
  • Biome: Mountain
  • Artist: Wes Brooks (of Undead Speed Equipment)
  • Pack Set: Wave 1, Map 4