Big Monster Bundle (21 Tokens!)

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Now you can come to the table ready for anything with a literal pocket full of monsters!

Saddened by roughly-cut slips of paper to indicate monsters for which you don't have the right mini? Tired of hauling an enormous box of carefully packed miniatures to every game in case your players inevitably do something stupid and unexpected? Unwilling to spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on monster miniatures that you may never get to use? Or maybe you're a helpful player who likes to be johnny-on-the-spot with just the right creature token.

Monster coins are the best alternative to expensive creature miniatures. They're easy to transport and extremely versatile. They perfectly fit standard 1" battle mats and grids. Each side is unique, making it easy to keep track of different monsters and conditions (such as dead). With 21 tokens ranging in size from one to four inches, this set is the perfect way to keep track of multiple enemies in large or complicated battles without breaking the bank or your back.

Each coin is carefully crafted of high-quality metal for durability and a premium feel, and features original, beautiful, easy-to-read art on both sides.


Bundle Includes:

  • 2 x Spiders (1 Inch)
  • 2 x Canine (1 Inch)
  • 2 x Feline (1 Inch)
  • 2 x Goblin (1 Inch) 
  • 2 x Orc (1 Inch)
  • 2 x Skeleton (1 Inch)
  • 2 x Zombie (1 Inch)
  • 2 x Generic Army (1 Inch)
  • 1 x Young Fire Dragon (2 Inch)
  • 1 x Young Smoke Dragon (2 Inch)
  • 1 x Adult Fire Dragon (3 Inch)
  • 1 x Adult Smoke Dragon (3 Inch)
  • 1 x Purple Worm (4 Inch)