Basics: What are D&D Dice? A breakdown of the dice used for DnD

Basics: What are D&D Dice? A breakdown of the dice used for DnD

When it comes to playing Dungeons and Dragons, the question that every beginner has is: "What dice do I need to play?" Well, you're in luck! We've got you covered. Here's a breakdown of the dice used in most role playing games, including D&D.


7 Piece Dice Sets

Dragonscale Metal Dice Sets

First off, let's talk about the standard RPG dice set. It consists of 7 dice and is all you need to play any edition of D&D or most other RPGs like Pathfinder. The set includes:

  • d4
  • d6
  • d8
  • d10
  • d12
  • d20
  • d00 (percentile dice)

The number above refers to the number of sides on each die, preceded by a "d". So when the game master asks you to roll a "d6", you'll be using the six-sided die. The die you'll roll the most in D&D is the 20-sided die or d20. Whenever you attempt an action, you'll use the d20, plus your character's skills, to do so.

The other dice in the set will determine different aspects of D&D, such as how much damage your sword deals to an enemy. During the game, you may be asked to roll multiple dice of the same type. The common phrasing will be for the amount of dice at the beginning, followed by the type of dice. For example, when asked to roll 6 of your eight-sided dice, you will see this written as 8d6.

The percentile dice, or d00, is used in place of needing a 100-sided die. This type is primarily used by game masters but is included in your set. To use this dice, you will often roll it with a d10. Adding the numbers together will give you a number between 1-100. We'll have a separate post on how to roll a percentile.


Dice Sizes

When it comes to dice sizes, they normally don't matter. However, most dice are sized to a standard of 16mm. Go for what is fun and appeals to you most. The material of the dice is up to your preference too. Most dice are either plastic and resin or metal, with more exotic types like precious stone and wood available as well. Both metal and plastic dice hold up well to use, and we have a great collection of both on our website.


Dice that Match Your Style

Prismatic Glass Dice Set

In summary, find the dice set that matches you and your character. With many colors and styles out there, there's a dice set for everyone! Have more questions? Let us know in the comments and we'll use them to create our next post on RPG Basics.

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