Say Hello to the New!

Say Hello to the New!

We are excited to welcome you to the new, build from the ground up utilizing the latest design trends and features we think you'll love!

This week we launched a beautiful new online store for you. It's another step in our master plan to make shopping for your favorite dice set or ttrpg accessory easier than ever before.

In the past year you may have noticed us upgrading our product lineup with new images and better descriptions. We added product Q&As to better customer reviews that incorporated customer images and more data points. 

And with this major update, we're bringing it all together. You wanted faster load speeds. You got it. You wanted more images that dynamically change as your browse. You got it. Better filtering within each category? That's here too!

Plus you'll find:

  • New ways to pay; including Amazon Pay.
  • A new 365 day refund policy, so you can 
  • A better mobile experience.
  • Product care guides.
  • More sorting options in every category.
  • More close-up images of our dice sets.


To help celebrate the launch of our new website we are doing special sales throughout there store and on our social media. Be sure to signup for our newsletter or join our Discord to find out more. We hope you'll take some time to browse around and check out all the new features designed by our amazing Dice Dungeons team.

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