New cloth battle maps for table top rpg gaming.

Cloth Battle Maps Just Released!

I'm extremely excited to announce something we have been working on since opening our store 6 months ago: our new cloth Battle Maps!

Dice Dungeons is excited to announce the first wave of our Cloth RPG Battle Maps. These full color, wonderfully illustrated battle maps are printed on high quality cloth to make them an easy to use and extremely portable. Appropriate for use with any roleplaying game, these unique maps give you easy to roll out locations for your players, with tons of expertly detailed features. We made the battle map locations sites that come up commonly in campaigns, so you can use them again and again. Each map measures ~21 inches square.

First unveiled at Washingcon 2017, these fantastic battle maps of iconic adventuring sites have been , and will add exciting new strategic battles to your tabletop games.


What's Here for Our Initial Release

Our introductory maps feature some exciting locations that are common to any fantasy table-top game; such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. 

With exclusive art created by Wes Brooks, each map is hand drafted with magnificent art only available with Dice Dungeons Battle Maps. You can find more of Wes' art at Undead Speed Equipment. 

Map 1: Roadside Campsite

RPG Roadside Campsite Battle MapOur first addition is a recognizable location for any adventuring party. Cutting along a shady forest creek you'll find a roadside campsite. This wonderfully detailed location creates a excellent spot for your party to come across another sleeping group of adventurers, an abandoned campsite, or the perfect place to set up an ambush. Featuring a creek side road and detailed camping layout, this map is perfect for quick setups of random encounters during party travel. 

Map 2: Crossing at Twin Bridges

RPG Bridge Crossing Battle MapsLooking for a great battle location along the road? You'll find one here. The twin bridges are the only way across the raging river. Whether the bridges are protected is up to you: perhaps a local militia charges a toll to cross Perhaps a local group of thugs are extracting a “toll” from helpless travelers, or ambushing groups as they cross the bridge. Or maybe these bridges have become homes for something far more dangerous.

Map 3: The Cliffside Cave

RPG Cave Battlemap ThumbnailOnly you hold the answer to what your players will discover among the rocks of the Cliffside Cave. Any time you need a cave you'll have one at your fingertips; a perfect entrance for a dungeon, or a quick encounter site that your players can discover. Featuring a multi-level interior and deep cave lake, the Cliffside Cave map can hold untold treasures, or unknown dangers for your players. 

More to come...

In addition to our three introductory maps, we are working on three more maps for this set with more classic locations. We'll be announcing those locations and making them available online as they arrive.

If you collect all 6 maps, you can connect them together into a single massive battle-map that measures 3.6 feet tall by 5.4 feet long! Mix and match or collect the full set and connect them as you desire: the adventure is in your hands!

We are also planning a whole new set of maps: 6 more battle maps that will feature classic town and city locations. Stay tuned for more on this. 

To learn more about the battlemaps take a look at our collection.

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Hi Terry. We recommend hand washing and air drying for best results, you can also iron it on a low heat if you lay it under a pressing cloth.


Love these maps. Got some for Christmas. I’m curious about how to properly care for these maps. Are they machine washable? If so, is it safe to put them through a dryer? Thanks.


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