Dice Dungeons Wooden Dice Chest

Wooden Dice Chest Now In Stock

Dice Dungeons is excited to announce the addition of our new wooden dice chest. 

Today we are very excited to announce the official launch of our new Wooden Dice Chest. Exclusive dice boxes, perfectly designed for tabletop and RPG gamers. Finely crafted in locally sourced maple, these handmade chest measure 5.5 in × 2.5 in × 2 in.

Inside the box you'll find a deep tray, that can hold plenty of dice inside. The lid is secured by magnets that hold it in place, while the carved inset helps prevent it from slipping off during travel.

We worked with local Baltimore artist to design these exclusive dice chest with thick lines and hard edges - making it a sturdy addition to any tabletop players arsenal. To kick off the launch we have 3 exclusive styles of finish available: 

  • Green Maple Wooden Dice Chest
  • Red Maple Wooden Dice Chest
  • Brown Maple Wooden Dice Chest

Let us know what you think! We will continue to work on new design and more unique wood types as we can.

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