New Release: Inspiration Coins

Dice Dungeons is very excited to launch a new branch of our product line up this week with Inspiration Coins. 

Dice Dungeons Inspiration CoinsDrawing inspiration from our home Dungeons and Dragons sessions we embarked on a project earlier this year to create a new line of accessory coins for table top gaming. The first in this lineup launches today with our new Inspiration Coins.

A unique way to track your inspiration for Dungeons and Dragons or other tabletop games. These metal coins are made from the same nickel–zinc alloy as our standard metal dice. Perfect for Game Masters looking for something decorative and substantial to hand their players. Our solid metal coins make spending your inspiration more rewarding and have a big impact.

The two-sided, antique-gold color tokens feature a dragon icon front with inspiration inscribed around the coin's face. The "tails" side displays the Dice Dungeons logo and compass rose. As a bonus the compass side can be used with maps and miniatures to denote direction.

Right now you can purchase these unique coins individually, or in discounted packs of 4.

To coincide with the new product release we've restructured our menu to include the new section; "RPG Accessories". Here' you'll find our new grouping of Coins and Tokens, as well as our popular other accessories - Dice Storage and Battlemaps.

Look for more styles coming in late 2018.


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