More Adventures to Discover: Quest Decks 2.0

More Adventures to Discover: Quest Decks 2.0

Dice Dungeons is back with a bunch of new additions to our popular Quest Decks. Quest Decks 2.0 contains a myriad of new and exciting quests in totally new locations and settings.

Each of these decks contains simple, yet intriguing, minor quests that will inspire heroic, fanciful, and even comical side quest stories that your party will remember long after the campaign is over. A fantastic add-on to any setting - each quest is designed to be engaging without defining or altering your world.

What's in the Box?

This Kickstarter campaign with the release of three new Quest Decks. Each deck will contain 45 new adventure prompts that adventurers might find on their journeys. Just like our first campaign this project will be made possible by the support of backers like you, and we are forever grateful. 

All New Quest to Discover

When your party enters a populated area, from a small town to a major city, simply draw a few cards from the deck, and give them to your players: these are the posted notices for that town, or missives handed to your players by NPCs. Depending on the settlement you can choose which deck(s) to use.
The three new decks include:
  • Notice Board 2. More classic, system agnostic, quests. In Notice Board 2 you’ll find a little bit of everything.
  • Horror and Mystery. This deck is geared towards uncovering foul deeds and encountering cursed souls.
  • Lost and Wanted. In Lost and Wanted we’ve added illustrated NPCs and quests for finding them. These NPCs are lost person notices, or wanted posters for your classic villains: bandits, were-creatures, and more!


Why Kickstarter?

We've launched a Kickstarter campaign because it's the best way for us to gauge interest and cover art production. It will also help us raise the funds we need for printing the decks. We've love your support!


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