Dice Dungeons Year End 2018

Dice Dungeons Year in Review: Looking Back at an Incredible 2018

It's been a great year here at Dice Dungeons and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the wonderful  moments from 2018.

We want to first thank all of you for supporting us and trusting us with your business. We wouldn’t be here without the amazing tabletop gaming community, and your feedback and suggestions have been invaluable to crafting the many new products we released this year.

New from 2018

We are very proud of all of our new stock items this year. We focused hard on offering unique new items - from new styles of metal dice to wholly new items like our inspiration coins and maps.

New Dice

Metal Imperial Pumpkin Dice SetIn the dice lineup we added a full spectrum of two tone dice we call the Imperial Collection. Combining a metal base with UV treated enamel insets, we were able to bring something new to our metal dice lineup. From our first set in Blue and Gold, to most recent addition the Blue and Yellow Hero style - creating these color combos and seeing the results has been incredibly fun for us.

We also expanded our d6 and d10 sets new radiant colors and a mountain of new plastic dice sets.

Battle Maps

This past year we finished one of our first major projects, which was the full first wave of our cloth Battle Maps. The full set premiered at Baltimore Comic Con, and online shortly after.

This has been a beloved pet project internally, we put hours into little details like what color the bed rolls should be on the campsite map, or how much water should be in the cave map. The feedback from the community has been amazing and we can't wait to show you what Wave 2 and beyond has coming next year!


Another recent addition to our store. We wanted to improve the usage for the 5e inspiration mechanic to our home game - so we created our inspiration coins. Metal coins with a good weight and feel make handing out or spending inspiration much more fun and having it one the table adds an easy reminder. 


Happenstance MicroRPG GameOne of our core ideals is working with the community to create and improve the RPG world. That's why we were delighted to work this year with an inspiring creator to produce Happenstance. This micro rpg condenses all of the wonderful things about adventuring and dungeonering into a stack of cards and only requires a single d6. Watch for special editions of Happenstance, and a Kickstarter for the next expansion! 


Up next for 2019

We are always working on new projects, and we have so many new things coming in 2019 already. From new variations of our current dice offerings, to wholly new products, we can't wait to share them with you. You can stay up to date by signing up for our email, or checking back here or on our social media channels.

We couldn't complete these new projects without you - so from all of the Dice Dungeons team, we thank you and wish you a joyful and prosperous new year!

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I ordered a set for my boyfriends birthday, He loves them! The Pictures don’t do them justice! Ordering was super easy! Great job Everyone!!

Carolyn Burns

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