Play D&D with your Friends and Family during the COVID19 Outbreak

Play D&D with your Friends and Family during the COVID19 Outbreak

5 years ago a friend invited me to join his Dungeons and Dragons game. I was apprehensive at first, but after the first game I found myself having more fun and than I have ever had playing any other board or card game. 5 years later we are still playing, and having as much fun as that first game!

D&D PrepDuring this challenging time in the Corona Virus outbreak. D&D can provide families, especially kids, and groups of friends a much needed relief from the constant media cycle, uncertainty and tension, by letting you explore and have fun together in a world where anything is possible!

Dungeons and Dragons (also known as D&D) is a table top game about exploration and adventure. It is really easy to get started, if you don’t want to read any further, go check out the free starters kit from Wizards of the Coast, which you can find here:

If you want to know a bit more about the game, and some advice for playing, I’ve got some great tips and ways to begin below.

D&D BooksAs I said above, D&D is more about storytelling and exploring fantastic worlds filled with amazing creatures and characters. The game is appropriate for anyone over the age of 7, although it does involve math and some descriptions of violence, in the form of fighting monsters. All you need are some dice, the basic rules (see link above) and your imaginations! We recommend 1 person act as the Game Master: this person should be a responsible individual who likes to tell stories. You will describe the game to your players, and you will play the role of all the imaginary characters in the world. Besides the game master, 2-6 additional players will be “Player Characters”: player characters are the heroes of the story, they will travel the magic world defeating monsters, saving kingdoms, and investigating mysteries.

D&D MinaturesAs game master there are two ways to start a game: you can follow the official D&D modules (or hundreds of fan written modules, many of which are free, you can find these in the links at the end of this blog post), or you can “homebrew” a campaign yourself and create your own world. If you want to homebrew, I suggest reading our other Blog post “Why do We Prep” and watching Matt Colville’s youtube series on the subject.

We hope you all stay safe during these uncertain times, and hope you find the enjoyment and stress relief in playing D&D together.

If you are ready to start playing Dice Dungeons has everything you need to get started: dice, character coins (which you will use as markers during combat) and maps (great for homebrew campaigns). Become heroes, and play great, together!

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