Character Coins Released at!

We are very excited to announce the release of our Character and Monster Coin tokens to our online store. 

With the recent completion of our Kickstarter Campaign we can now release our coins here in our online store. Thanks to the help of over 1300 wonderful backers we created over 30 coins coins for each Dungeons and Dragons class, as well as a fantastic assortment of monsters. 

These metal miniatures are perfectly sized for 1” battle mats and grids. Easy to transport, fun to use, and versatile - these coins are a must have for RPG fans, DMs on the run, or anyone who always wants to have their character easily available in their pocket!

Our base set adds the Full Class Set with 12 classes in a set, and packs of each class type. With the addition of our 11 unlocks we have also added several monsters - including Beast, Undead, Dragons, and the massive 4 inch Purple Worm coin. 

All the coins are available in unique sets as well and packs of 5 or 10 to create a combination for your tabletop.

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