Caring for Wooden Dice

Caring for Wooden Dice

Like other specialty sets, wooden dice need some tender love and care.  Though they are not as fragile as precious stone sets, they can still become warped and ruined if not treated properly.  Thus the subject of this blog: caring for your wooden dice.

Let us talk prevention.  Wooden dice are more durable than stone sets, but they can still be damage.  Wood is sensitive to humidity and temperature.  Do not leave your dice outside overnight or for long periods of time.  The wood will expand and contract in response to changes in the environment.  This can eventually lead to warping and even cracks in the wood.  It is possible to scratch wooden dice, so try to keep them in a padded carrying case if you are traveling long distances.

Direct sunlight or UV rays can alter the color of the wood.  This is referred to as photobleaching or light induced discoloration.  Darker colored woods will lighten if exposed to sunlight for many hours.  Some people may prefer the new color.  I have a cherry set that I purposely photobleached.  However, if you want to preserve the original color of your dice: do not leave them in the sun.

Never soak your wooden dice to clean them.  Wood is porous and absorbs water readily which causes swelling.  Beyond that it will take a long time to fully dry.  Instead, when cleaning your dice dip a paper towel in a mild soap and water solution.  Wipe the dice with the paper towel and then allow to air dry.

Happy questing, everyone!

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