Caring for Gemstone Dice

Caring for Gemstone Dice

If you're looking for the ultimate in luxury dice, or something truly unique and beautiful, you can't go wrong with dice carefully carved from natural semi-precious gemstones. When playing Dungeons and Dragons or another tabletop RPG, there are few feelings more special than rolling literal jewels at the table.

However, like all mineral materials, these stones have imperfections. Different gemstones vary in hardness and durability, but taking a few simple measures to care for your dice will allow them to last for generations.



Natural material dice, like most dice, can be damaged if treated roughly. This includes dropping them from a height on a hard or rough surface, so keep your dice on the table. Rolling your dice with gusto on a hard table isn't ideal either, so we recommend the simple step of using a rolling tray or rolling mat (as we do with most dice, anyway). Rolling on a padded card table should be fine, but even so, a rolling tray can keep your dice contained to your area and on the table, and most players appreciate that greatly. When shaking stone and gemstone dice in a dice cup or cupped hand, we recommend limiting it to one die at a time to keep them from clacking together with force.



Our gemstone dice sets all come with a deluxe dice box that is excellent for keeping your dice safe. We strongly recommend storing dice in this box, rather than in a bag where they can rattle around together. Alternately, a dice chest or vault with dividers can be used to safely store gemstone dice.



Most dice rarely need to be cleaned, but accidents happen (who hasn't rolled into a hoagie at some point?), and you'll want to keep your best dice looking their best. Because any natural material can contain compounds that are potentially reactive, do not use solvents or cleaning agents to clean your dice, or tough scouring pads that could scratch them. A soft, damp cloth should be sufficient for cleaning just about anything off of your dice to keep them as beautiful as the day you added them to your hoard.

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