Easy to care for maps for rpg battles.

Care for Your Cloth Battle Maps

Our line of cloth battle maps are an exclusive item for Dice Dungeons; because of this we get a lot of questions about how to care for them. To make sure you get the most out of this versatile terrain we put together this quick guide.

Here's some simple tips on how you can keep your maps looking perfect for every encounter.

 Care Instruction for Battlemaps:


We recommend handwashing in cold water with mild soap.

If you would like to machine wash then you can do so on the cold settings, and dry flat or tumble dry low.


Folding and general usage will occasionally cause wrinkles. To smooth wrinkles cover the map with a light towel or washcloth and iron on medium heat.

You can also use a portable steamer to quickly eliminate wrinkles.


To help with creasing we recommend rolling the maps for storage.




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