A Big Thanks from Dice Dungeons!

A Big Thanks from Dice Dungeons!

With just over one month since our official launch I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your support and well wishes. We have been thrilled by the response the community has given us - your emails and comments have made us so happy, and we’re working harder than ever to make Dice Dungeons the best it can be for you.

Since our launch last month, we've taken all your feedback to heart and have some exciting new products, and several projects on the horizon!

We’re most excited to announce that our Hand-designed wooden dice chests are now available! These are made right here in Baltimore, MD, from locally sourced Maple wood. We’re also excited to announce our brand new full color metal dice sets that we call our Radiant Collection. These brilliantly colored dice have a shiny, chrome like finish in a variety of colors. We’re most excited about the purple and pink colored dice!

We also had many requests for dice sets for other systems and for casting spells/using abilities, and are happy to say we are now offering both d6 and d10 sets in our most popular designs. Check them out, and let us know if there are other specialized dice you would like to see from us!

International shipping was without a doubt our most requested feature. We've had some challenges making this work while keeping our inventory strong; however we expect that as of August we will be officially offering shipping to our overseas customers. Time to send the Dice Dungeons around the world!

There is even more that we aren't quite ready to share, but hope to tell you about before the end of the summer. When more info drops you'll find it here, as well as on our Facebook page. You can also signup for our newsletter to get news delivered to your inbox.

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