Metal Jumbo Tungsten d20

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Weighs over 2 lbs!

If you're a certain type of adventurer, when you hear "tungsten" you think of it as the best armor for a mech or military spaceship. That's because tungsten is one of the hardest and densest metals known to humanity. It's properties are so extreme that some of its uses are in electron microscopes, bunker-busting military weapons, and plasma
containment in experimental fusion reactors. It is 1.7 times as dense as lead, making it
so heavy that it is often disorienting to pick up an object made from it. It just doesn't seem possible that anything can be that heavy.

This d20 is machined from a block of solid tungsten with the numbers chemically
etched. At 45mm point-to-point, it is an absolute monster. 2.16 pounds of solid metal,
nearly a full kilo, makes this d20 likely the heaviest, most intimidating die you'll ever
encounter. It is an absolute show-stopper, and besides rolling for the biggest, baddest
skill checks ever, it makes an amazing and unique piece of décor.

  • Weight: 2.16 Lbs