Happy Holidays from Dice Dungeons

Happy Holidays from Dice Dungeons

As the year winds down and winter sets in most people take a breath to review their year and set some goals for the next incoming one. Looking back, it has been a great year for us at Dice Dungeons and we hope it has been just as great for you!

In June we launched our online store and we have been so thrilled to receive the support or players and DMs just like us. As the months flew by we added loads of new dice including our first polymer sets and d6 and d10 versions of our most popular metal sets.  

In November we launched our first wave of RPG battle maps and rolled out our first steps with international shipping - one of our most received request.

We head into the holidays with excitement for what's to come in the New Year and a big list of items to announce! 

Thank you for helping us grow into a success this year. No matter if you've been Chaotic Naughty or Lawful Nice; we want to extend a big Happy Holidays from Dice Dungeons!


See you in 2018!

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