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Get ready to transform your RPG sessions

Crafted for epic storytelling, each BattleCloth map is a durable, portable canvas for your imagination. Elevate your tabletop gaming with striking detail and practical design. Excited? Sign up now to get notified at launch and be the first to explore new realms!

Cloth Battlemaps Coming Soon to Kickstarter.

Discover the Magic of BattleCloth RPG Maps

Enhance your adventures with Dice Dungeons exclusive line of microfiber cloth RPG battle maps! These high quality, full color maps make a fantastic setting for different scenes during your game. The art on each map was hand drawn and detailed by our in-house artist. The maps are printed on high quality smooth microfiber fabric so that minis can stand on it easily. Each measures 21.5” by 21.5” and contains an inlaid battle-grid for tracking character movement. They also make excellent dice rolling mats!

Why microfiber?

Our choice of microfiber material is not just about looks; it's about revolutionizing your gaming:

  • Durability and Longevity: Unlike traditional paper or cardstock maps, microfiber BattleCloth maps withstand the rigors of regular use without tearing or wearing out. They are built to last, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  • Travel-Friendly and Wrinkle-Free: Say goodbye to the frustrations of maps that don’t lay flat or are a hassle to transport. Our microfiber maps are incredibly portable. Just fold or roll them up, toss them in your backpack, and you are ready to game anywhere. Their wrinkle-resistant nature means they are always ready to game anywhere.
  • Enhanced Playability: The texture of microfiber not only looks great but also provides practical benefits. It holds miniatures in place better than paper or cardstock and provides a satisfying surface for rolling dice.
Bridge map for rpgs with minis.

The Maps

Our initial collection features 15 map designs, perfect for bringing to life those classic RPG scenarios you love. Each map is a versatile and enduring location, ready to be the backdrop for countless tales and quests. As we reach our funding goals, we'll unveil even more iconic maps to select and to expand your arsenal of adventure settings.

List of all the maps available in the Kickstarter Campaign

More maps will unlock as our campaign continues!

Using the connected maps to play.

Seize Your Adventurer's Reward!

Our journey towards the Kickstarter launch is underway, and we're inviting you to join the ranks of early adventurers! Sign up now and secure your free STL downloads of our Arena Champion, an exclusive reward for our early subscribers.

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