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80s Adventures

a Supplement for D&D 5th Edition.

Step into a World of Unmatched Nostalgia and Epic Fantasy!

New 80s book for DND 5e - Coming Soon to Kickstarter

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Immerse your campaign and your party in the exhilarating and vibrant world of 80s cinema.

  • 5 Thrilling Cinematic Adventure Modules: Inspired by the blockbuster hits of the ‘80s, these adventures promise to elevate your campaign to new heights
  • 12 Revolutionary Subclasses: Dive into roles like the Way of the Crane Monk and Ghost Hunter Ranger, each breathing new excitement into classic archetypes for players
  • 50 totally Tubular Magic Items: Gear up with '80s style! Get moving with the 'Spring of Walking', communicate with flair using the 'Box of Speaking and Spelling', and light up your adventures with the 'Worm of Glowing'
  • Innovative Group Inspiration Mechanics: Bring cinematic brilliance into your gameplay for unforgettable storytelling
  • 50 New Monsters: Face off against a host of creatures, from horrifying neon-lit demons to pixelated goblins and giant marshmallow golems
  • 10 Versatile Lairs: Journey through mystical marketplaces and retro-futuristic gaming parlors
  • New Familiars & GM resources: Add new companions and immerse yourself in a realm perfectly capturing that ‘80s vibe
  • 30+ Captivating Locations: Every location brings its own ‘80s-themed quest, pulsing with the era’s iconic feel
  • Build-Your-Own-Adventure: Customize your campaign with unique MacGuffins, villain tables, and rewarding quests
Teaser image for Kickstarter campaign showcasing an '80s-themed Dungeons and Dragons adventure, highlighting the retro and fantasy elements.

A New Player Experience

A Treasure Trove of Options

With new gear, magic items, and abilities, players can create characters that truly embody the spirit of the '80s, offering fresh and exciting role-playing opportunities. ‘80s Adventures is an innovative nostalgia experience for players. So many ways to incorporate the things you love from ‘80s movies and TV seamlessly into your DnD adventures.

 Relic Hunter Rogue a new subclass for 5e

Unique '80s Archetypes

Radical New Subclasses for EVERY Dungeons and Dragons 5e Class makes this an amazing player experience. ‘80s Adventures gives each class a new subclass that reflects an iconic ‘80s trope or character type, such as the Ghost Hunter Ranger or the Way of the Crane Monk or the Relic Hunter Rogue!

The 1980s mall is crowded with dungeons and dragons adventurers..

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