Generic Humanoid Army Monster Coin Token Pack

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Looking for a token set to use as generic soldiers? This is it. 

These generic army coins were highly requested for players utilizing lots of troops in their game. The simple design works for armies of all types - from humans to hobgoblins. Sized for a standard 1 inch grid, the tokens work for all medium creatures.

The metal coins have an excellent weight that is very satisfying to move around a game area. 

For game masters looking to denote different coins; it's easy to mark the large flat shield with a dry or wet erase marker. 

The 25mm metal coins are perfectly sized for 1” battle mats and grids. Easy to transport, fun to use, and versatile - these coins are a must have for RPG fans, DMs on the run, or anyone who always wants to have their miniatures easily available in their pocket!