Rose Wood Dice Chest with Magnetic Lid

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Store your dice and keep them protected with our round dice vaults. Each case is made from beautiful Rose Wood. The box can hold a full 7 piece RPG dice set for your tabletop role-playing needs, and is sturdy enough to survive everyday travel.

The lid is secured by 3 strong magnets that hold it in place, while the carved inset helps prevent it from slipping off during travel.

Laser engraved with the compass rose version of our Dice Dungeons logo; this round chest is perfect for any tabletop gamer, and an elegant way to store your favorite dice set.

  • Wood: Rose Wood
  • Design: Dice Dungeons Compass Rose
  • Sizing: Box holds 7 dice. 18mm dice (or smaller).
  • Secure:powerful magnets hold the lid tight.


*Because this product is made from natural wood; expect some variation in tones and wood grain.

* Designed to hold 16mm metal and plastic dice sets. Will not hold over-sized gemstone dice.