Metal Sterling Silver Dragon Cage Dice Set

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Legend tells of a sorcerer who ensnared a dragon in a cage of enchanted silver and drew power from the beast for his greatest mystical works.

These dice are hollow and feature an intricately rendered dragon behind each easily-legible number, creating the illusion of a caged dragon behind each face. When we saw this unique design, we knew that they had to be made from a special metal. Silver has captivated humans since time immemorial, a precious metal important not only to commerce, but in mystical traditions and myth around the world. For hundreds of years, sterling silver has been the preferred alloy of silversmiths, allowing them to showcase the beauty of silver while giving their pieces strength and durability that soft pure silver cannot begin to match. The qualities that made sterling the right choice for valuable coinage (the pound sterling) and for the nobility to eat from also make it just right for especially beautiful dice.

These precious metal dice are beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of any collection while being tough enough for everyday use. In the hand they feel ancient, developing a priceless patina with use that harkens back to the mystics of old. It is a rare treat to own art pieces that have real utility, and rarer still to hold an object with a modern use through which you can feel a connection to thousands of years of our shared history.

  • Approximate Weight: 2.0 oz.
  • Set Includes: Each set contains one d20, one d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), one d8, one d6, and one d4. Deluxe dice box also included.