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Hello! Come in, have a seat by the fire, and welcome to the GM's corner. Every couple of weeks, we'll be putting out articles, interviews, and game spotlights written by yours truly. We hope they can be a resource for GMs: from those looking to start their first game to well-versed veterans. This first article attempts to answer the question that every GM asks at one point: "How do I start GMing?"

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Here's a question we get asked often; How do I take care of my metal dice? Metal dice are a fun addition to any tabletop roleplaying game, and if you want to keep them tip top shiny game ready shape for years to come, follow these simple care pointers. 

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Welcome to the first installment of the GM’s Corner here at Dice Dungeons. This will be a section where we discuss GM things; from how to get over your anxiety as a first time GM to tips and tricks even pros can use.

This time, I have been specifically asked to talk about a subject that I am very passionate about, and have only seen discussed in one buried thread in some orphaned forum somewhere:

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